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    Filter phrases apply to kill's victim information unless explicitly defined otherwise. Only results matching full string will be searched for. Wildcard '*' (asterisk) is allowed within the filter phrase. Partial matches should be done by using asterisk symbol. Empty field means all values. Only the results matching all of the defined filter fields will be displayed. Multiple options must be separated by comma and multiple obligatory filters must be separated by the & (ampersand) symbol. Optional values mean that only of of them must be satisfied, while obligatory values must be satisfied all for the field to be included in results.

  ¹ Does not allow multiple obligatory values. All values in this field will be treated as optional.
  ² Defines how far (in jumps) from the original system (defined by the System field) to look for neighbouring systems to include in the search. If the System field is empty, this value is ignored.
  ³ Accepts numbers, number sets and ranges (f. ex.: 1, 4, 5-8).
  ⁴ Similar to the above, accepts date sets and ranges (dates are in format 'Y-m-d' - 4-digit year, followed by two-digit month and then by two-digit day, separated by dashes).

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